Hey! Say! 7 [part1]

I meant to change the date published on this post when I realized that today, exactly one year ago, I came to discover this young bishonen…who would’ve thought I’ll become one of his biggest fan?

Original post: January 08, 2007 11:28 pm


konnichi wa minna-san! ^-^


This young bishounen, Ryosuke Yamada [turning 15 this May], is a japanese actor, dance talent & singer as well as a member of an all boy group Hey! Say! JUMP [composed of 10 boys], specifically under the subgroup Hey! Say! 7 [composed of the 5 youngest boys]. On his 5th year in elementary he appeared in Ya-ya-yah where his audition in Johnny & Associates was aired. He joined Johnny’s Jr. [part of Johnny & Associates focusing on boy groups] & began performing with J.J. Express [a Johnny’s Jr. group].


Later he became the leader of Kitty Jr. [a Johnny’s Jr. group] & on April ’07 he became a member of Hey! Say! 7.

Ryo is also a great actor! In this pic he played the role of the quiet & reserved Ryuu Amakusa of Tantei Gakuen Q! And actually this is where I first saw him! I thought of him as an aloof guy but he turned out to be a very shy but cute kid! After a bit of research I found out that he’s actually a singer & a great dancer! ^-^


This is the “temporary” HS 7 members. Temporary coz, Yuya & Daiki [top part] is originally from J.J. Express [a Johnny’s Jr. group] so the status of Hey! Say! 7 is unclear. Eventually they added 5 boys & created Hey! Say! JUMP & divided it to 2 subgroups: Hey! Say! BEST [composed of 5 oldest boys] & Hey! Say! 7 for the 5 youngest. Later, the oldest –Yuya & Daiki [top part] graduated & moved to HS BEST! Leaving Yuri, Yuto & Ryo as the original members.

**continue for Hey! Say! 7 [part2]

* wikipedia.org


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