Hey! Say! 7 [part2]

Original post: January 08, 2007 @ 10:47 pm, Phil.


Honestly I only like Ryo [left], Yuri [middle] & Yuto [right]! ^-^ Nevermind Yuya & Daiki! So it’s okay if they moved to HS BEST, hihi! After the transition, Yuto became the leader even Ryo’s older [maybe coz he’s the tallest?]


This is the new HS 7 members. Keito Okamoto [far left] & the new cute baby of the group Ryutaro Morimoto, only 12 yo [far right]! I‘m not sure but in some pix Keito is no longer with HS 7 but still in HS JUMP [this must mean that he moved to HS BEST coz he’s the oldest]. Another cute little boy took his place but I still don’t know his name! ^-^

{I just read this now and honestly, it doesn’t makes sense ne? hehe, forgive me, it was a year ago!}


Yuri Chinen is my fave other that Ryo. Believe it or not he’s also 14! But he’s so small that even 12 yo Ryutaro looks older than him! He has a high pitched voice so he sings lead with Yuto. He also does most of the “yeah..yeah..& oooh..oooh..” in their songs and all the acrobatics! ^-^ No wonder coz his dad is an acrobat & his mom taught him jazz, hehe! He’s a bit spoiled by Yuya & Daiki coz he’s the youngest in their group [former HS 7]!


They’re a bit younger in this pic, 12 yo maybe, but since then, Ryosuke [left] & Yuto [right] are really bestfriends! But even bestfriends can be total opposites! Yuto is funny & game with everything while Ryo is quiet [but very cute when he laughs & smiles] & shy! Yuto has high pitched voice & dances like a bamboo swaying while Ryo has a deep voice & dances like jelly!

{I know wrong picture! It’s Chii’s picture, but everyone now knows about YamaJima…again this was a year ago!
But I have to say YamaChii was also starting since that time, ne~ ^^}


I’ve been looking for some recent pix lately & I’ve noticed that as they grow older Yuto becomes taller & lanky while Ryo becomes more baby-faced! ^-^ hehe.. [take a loook @ jazzie’s photos!] In fairness even their performances also improved a lot! Although I must say that Ryo is still the best! ^-^ hehe… His voice has more “jega” & his dance moves are smooth compared to Yuto..^_^


Anyway check out their perfomances & listen to their songs on JaZzIe’s Media Box! The video is taken 2005: 12 yo Yuto sings DNA while Ryo performs Sheishun Amigo, watch the vid & compare their performance! I prefer Ryo ofcourse!! ^-^


* wikipedia.org


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