Yama-chan`s *solo*

Only proves how talented he is!!

Original post: July 8, 2008 @ 1:13 pm, Phil.


I am so excited to see this! 😀


Yamada sang a solo, too. And by solo, I mean an actual SOLO for once. Alone on stage for the entire thing. Not that it matters, because Yamada’s actually really damn talented and can easily hold the stage on his own. Great singer, great dancer… no complaints about that. He was actually the singing highlight of the show basically.

Okay, well, Question?’s Parallel World was great as usual. But wow, Yamada. I am always super impressed with him….


I didn’t pay so much attention. There was one with the first four HSJ members. Something about impressions? I missed Arioka’s.Something about the telephone. TAIHEN! Or something. Then Yamada spoke is a really deep voice (okay, actually his voice is just rather deep in general, gah, so weird) and I think he said “Yamashita Tomohisa desu,” which made no sense to me, but then Yuto was like “I’ll do Kame!” and proceeds to make faces that… yeah. Like Kame. It was funny. Chinen didn’t talk at that point. Later it was just Yamada and Chinen. I forget what they talked about. Finally just Yamada. He said something about wanting to go to the sea over his vacation.

LoveYama-chan!! ^0^

* snowqueenofhoth from YT


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