HSJ 4th Single: ST OST

Original post: September 20, 2008 at 4:52 pm


A few days ago, I was browsing some of my fave sites when suddenly I found this.
After all the waiting , finally HSJ will release their 4th single~ 😀
I can’t elaborate much but I think kamichan’s assessment is totally right!
Today I found kamichan’s *prediction* about this single and I hope it’ll come true! [just deleted some not-so-child-friendly lines…] 🙂

Did I already mention that Hey!Say!JUMP will have a new single called Mayonaka no Shadow Boy out on October 22nd? Hm, I guess I did. Anyway, when I did my evaluation of the song yesterday (64 points!!!) I think I failed to mention the extraordinary significance of that figure. Sixty-four! Did you know that 64 is the maximum number of strokes in any Chinese character? That it’s also the number of hexagrams in the I Ching? …[deleted part]… The number of demons in the Dictionnaire Infernal?

Well… it is!!!

Think about that! Can all this be a coincidence? How much more proof do you need? That single is going to be awesome. Because I say so.

I’ve looked again at the Scrap Teacher preview I posted here a couple of days ago (no, not the High School Musical thing, the real one), and as you know there is some song playing in the back that does kinda sound like Hey!Say!JUMP. Also it does sound kinda melancholic. However, I asked my ears and they said it didn’t taste all that Spanish. Then again that clip was very short and we didn’t actually get to hear a whole lot of the song, and if you eat just a single grain of rice you probably won’t be able to tell if it’s from a paella or a risotto, so the song in that clip may be Mayonaka no Shadow Boy or not. We will never know. Oh wait… actually we will. Johnny’s Calendar lists the first episode of Scrap Teacher on October 11, that’s only three weeks from today.

This new song will be their *first actual love song* as they said.
Demo, looking back if we wouldn’t include the support songs [UMP, Chance to Change, Dreams Come True, Your Seed and Bouken Rider] I think most of their songs have lyrics about love, like Too Shy, Shingitai, Suriru, Perfume, Ajia no Yoru, Uruwashi no Bad Girl, Rain Dance, etc…

Well, fine…most of the love songs are solo songs…demo Too Shy…okay though the lyrics is about feelings the rhythm isn’t exactly slow…

So Spanish huh? I like these kinds of songs like Pleasex3 and Ajia no Yoru!
Love song? Hmm, so maybe we can expect some love teams here?
Since it’s going to be Scrap Teacher OST!
The only way to find out is to watch it! 3 weeks to go right?!
Maa~ I can’t wait!! 😀

[credits to]
*kamichan {so glad to have discovered the existence of your site!! :D}


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