Ryuutaro’s First Rose~

Can’t wait to see Ryuu-chan grow up~!

Original post:September 25, 2008 at 8:19 pm, CA.


Original post here.

Yuuto: {kindah edited a little for effect! :)}

Otanjouobi omedetou!
I can’t really convey it with this rose, so I’ll say it:
I like you~!

Didn’t blush that much since *confessing* to Leah Dizon! 😀                                                                                                              So far, the most normal ever, compared to the 3 comedians!                                                                                                          And last but not the least…..

Ryuutarou: {kindah edited a little for effect! :)}

Eh, today is Tanemuracchi Chikyuu’s birthday?!
I didn’t even know…
I actually heard it from a friend.
I was going to give a rose, but…
it felt kind of wrong with this atmosphere, but I guess I’ll just give it. Congratulations!
Ah, be careful of thorns!

Waahh, sugoi Ryuu-chan, you’re growing up!
And guess whose rose she accepted? 😀

[credits to]
* Sylindara from YT


~ by loveyamachan on January 13, 2009.

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