Deep Night Kimi Omou

I really love this song~! 😀

Original post: October 18, 2008 at 12:45 pm


Deep Night lyrics!

I don’t know about everyone demo I like the rhythm! 😀

It’s something you should listen when you’re driving at night, in a starry sky… in a red convertible, passing through the city lights… 😀

Well, it’s just my opinion! 😀

Hmm, I guess I have to see the lyrics first if it does make sense! 😆
Demo all I can hear is Hikaru, Yabu, Yuuto…or is this just BEST?

I’m now sure who sings who! Finally heard Yama-chan’s lines…
Demo Yuuto and Hikaru seems to be singing more ne~

[credits to]
* Kamichannn from YT


~ by loveyamachan on January 14, 2009.

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