Wild JUMP Series

Apart from Yama-chan, I love Keito’s answer, a very sensible guy indeed! 😀

Original post: October 28, 2008 at 7:47 pm, CA.


Whole article here: DUET OCT 08

Yamada Ryosuke

●I think people who have open-hearts are manly. People who knows when to sacrifice things when one have to but keep things to one selves in certain times. Not just having cool manliness, my ideal guy treat others nicely. Such as, Takaki kun. He’s usually childish than others but when we go eat together, he’s always paying for me and he tells me “it’s okay, I’ll pay” when ever we go buy drinks and snacks. He also pays for others, too. Such Takaki kun is so manly. I think I’ll fall for him if I was a girl (laughs). He’s manly and kind. But I want to become a man a bit different to Takaki kun, I want to have my own way of being nice and manliness. So, becoming my ideal man would have “my own way”.

●The times I get wild or heated up is when I’m fighting with someone in my heart. Such as, Chinen, When I see him doing back flips or incredible acrobats, I get a little jealous. I feel like “I don’t want to lose~!”. I know I’ll never have chance against him so I get more heated up. But, I won’t win… (bitter smile). My ultimate enemy is myself, though. I’m always fighting against myself. I’m heated up about my “breakthrough limit” lately. I’m challenging myself into how long I can do dancing or other things until I hit my limits. When I dance hard dances with all my might several times to go over my physical strength, I sometimes feel like fainting. I can’t faint during live so it’s important to always know your limits. By knowing my limits, I can improve my level of limits. I don’t like to whine like “I can’t do it” or “it’s not possible”. Oh but I’m weak when it comes to “pain” so I always say “Ouch!” rather quickly (laughs).

I went out with my family after a long time. We went shopping together and ate yakiniku. I bought a hat and a bracelet that I fell in love with. I thought I had to put more physical strength so I ate a lot of yakiniku. I ate a lot of vegetables, too. I love choregi salad so much that I ate one plate that was suppose to serve 5 people (laughs). That’s why we always order 2 plates.

* smalltownsburns from LJ


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