Yama-chan: Reckless Tricycle Driver?!

This is so kawaii! XD

Original post: October 28, 2008 at 7:50 pm, CA.


Whole article here: POPOLO NOV 08

I was just wondering with Yama-chan’s hair though… ^0^

Yamada Ryosuke
May 9th, 1993. Born in Tokyo. Blood type B.

“I was recklessly driving on the tricycle”
Ryosuke 2 years old: I was a child who never got tired of scratches

I seemed to be just mischievous and always had scratches. The scar is still there, it’s from when I was around this age [referring to the picture] I was recklessly driving the tricycle and ran into a huge rock. I was injured pretty badly. There’s more stuff that happened to me but I don’t remember a thing (laughs). I loved playing outside as a child so I never got tired of having scratches. Also, my father wanted me to grow up as a strong man that he taught me “men don’t cry”, that’s why I didn’t cry much since I was a child.

Recent condition JUMP Press:
My figure got more compact than losing weight

Lately, people around me have been asking me “Yama chan, have you lost any weight?” I don’t work out my body that much but I think my body got smaller naturally because of the stage and/or the practices. I just have a body that’s easy to put on muscles!

* smalltownsburns from LJ


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