I really like Yuuto and Takaki’s so I’m posting it here!

Original post: October 29, 2008 at 7:59 pm, CA.


Nakajima Yuto: [Little Brother]
You thought I’ll absolutely say it, didn’t you? I can’t help it, I love him too much♥ Lately when I sleep with him, I let him use my arm as a pillow. Then I squeeze his cheeks. Sometimes he revolts and punches me, but I find that cute.♥ Maybe, soon or later he’ll be throwing repeating incredible punches (laughs). That’s right, some day “onii-chan [big brother]” will turn into “Aniki [big bro]” then he‘ll start saying “ hey, bro can I borrow some money because I want to buy my girl friend a gift?”… ?! No~, I don’t want this~! Big brother [I] won’t forgive little brother [you] for having a girl friend! (tears)

Takaki Yuya: [Shin chan]

Isn’t Shin chan (Morimoto Shintaro) really cute~? I can’t believe he’s the little brother of that self-conceited Ryutaro. Because when I talk to him, such as “morning” or “how’s it going?”, he never says “Huh?!”. However, Ryutaro does (laughs). For the time being Shin chan is like my soothing existence.

* smalltownsburns from LJ


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