HSJ Christmas Carol~!

Original post: December 21, 2008 at 7:14 pm, CA.


Finally I got to post this! ^^

Actually I’m waiting till my FS blog allows me to upload pics for full effect but unfortunately I don’t think its gonna happen soon [just picture links instead] so here it is!

Talking about Christmas…hmm, more about their concert tour and dates! ^^


Yabu x Takaki x Ryuu-chan

Morimoto: Ehhh, I still care. Since I am in middle school now, I want to do a party with my friends!

Takaki: Then, let’s have a party with JUMP members ’cause I can never even imagine the members having Christmas dates!


Hikaru x Keito x Inoo-chan

Hika is being mean to Inoo-chan! =P But nice to Keito!


Yama-chan x Yuuto x Chii x Dai-chan

Yuuto and his comfort, Chii’s gyoza and mystery, Dai-chan’s illuminating night and Yama-chan’s…cool & gorgeous Christmas~?!

Yamada: Everyone!! I might look like this but I’m really normal most of the time (laughs)

* smalltownsburns from LJ


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