The Okamoto’s

Original post: December 22, 2008 at 11:59 am, CA.


Last night I was checking my YT updates when something caught my eye. It’s this word DAY BREAK. It just happens to be one of my fave songs, but then I can’t help but read the next line: Otokogumi.

I first heard it in HSF Livestage and I’m very much aware that they sing their sempai’s songs so I was wondering which band. Otokogumi, well honestly coz of Keito, I knew about their existence. But to put this two together?!

I never knew DAY BREAK is Otokogumi’s song~!!!!!!! O.o
How could have I missed that?!!
Wow! Now I can relate when Johnny sempais say that Otokogumi is soooo cool!

Check out the father and son version:

1988 Day Break ranks #2
Okamoto Kenichi is wearing red and looks very young compared to his appearance in HSJ Tokyo Dome Debut Concert! =P

Keito in SC.
Okamoto Keito introduced by Yabu and Hikaru during JR days.

2006 Concert

I’m guessing this is Kenichi singing Day Break, wearing black costume.
Kame introduced them as special guests [Otokogumi?]!

* sadnessmonument from YT
* DumaRockx25 from YT
* dx15iris


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