Shonen Club: Christmas Special

Original post: December 23, 2008 at 9:39 pm, CA.


I’m really sad not seeing Yama-chan perform for a while but after I read the concert report and knew about his new solo, it gives me more reason to wait for another performance from him! 😀

Anyway, here’s the SC Christmas Special! ^^

[1] Best HSJ performances in SC 2008

Hoping for more in 2009! ^^

[2] Rising Jrs and Takaki’s new solo

I have to say I’m starting to appreciate Nakayama’s look; same goes with Takaki! He looks better nowadays specially with the hair and a little wait gain with the cheeks that was once hollow…
He’s soooo cool with his new solo: Kumo no Ito!

And as for our new JRs, rising to fame, I’ll be watching you! Especially Taiga, Yuta, Casey, Shin-chan and B.I.Shadow! ^^

[3] Older JRs Medley

Honestly, didn’t even watched this one…not interested in the older JRs! =P
Okay, except when I saw B.I.Shadow! ^^ Just scanning!

* kamichan


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