Yama-chan’s tanning issue…

Original post: November 19, 2008 at 7:53 pm, CA.


Translation of the talk just before Yama-chan’s second performance of Asia no Yoru.
The SOLO version {as in no back ups}

koyama: tnx for waiting, here’s yamada-kun~!
yamada: nice to be here
koyama: its summer huh?
yamada: yes
shige: youre probably busy with “SUMMARY” this summer
yamada: yes, this year I’ll be flying during “summary”
koyama: Flying?
yamada: its my first time
koyama: youève never done it before?
yamada: no, im afraid of heights!
koyama: ah! really, its easy once you get used to it
shige: yes, it becomes easy
koyama: yamada-kun, you had that drama and things so you probably havenèt had many holidays lately, what would you do if you had a holiday?
yamada: well, naturally i’d like to go to the beach
koyama: beach is great!
yamada: i love the beach!
koyama: despite being so fair-skinned~!
yamada: this is the way i am , i went to hawaii for 10 days I was in the sea in hawaii, but didnt tan
koyama: youre this white after 10 days in hawaii?
shige: youre so pale!
yamada: i dont seem to tan!
koyama: wow, yama-chan , please sing your cool song , stand by now!
yamada: ok, thank you!
koyama: here we go!
shige: heres yamada ryosuke with “asia no yoru” go ahead

[credits to]
* HiKaRiEcHiZeN from YT


~ by loveyamachan on January 22, 2009.

3 Responses to “Yama-chan’s tanning issue…”

  1. If he said that its his first time flying then how did he get to hawaii?

  2. he meant flying in Summary concert, with all those harness…

  3. Ohh..
    i get it XD

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