Gundam Seed Destiny Movie~!!!

Kyaaaa~!!! OMG!!!! XD

This isn’t about HSJ but I have to say this, kyaaaa~!!!!!!!!! XD

I just happened to stumble upon the Gundam Seed/Destiny Songs SP and I saw this amazing song from the GSeed side story, Stargazer and I fell in love with Hoshi no Tobira.

{I feel like crying hearing this song! Gives me goosebumps!}

I missed those days watching Gundam so I decided to read all about it again an then… I saw it!

Gundam Seed Destiny MOVIE will be released this 2009!!!!!! XD

OMG! This was one of the best Gundam series EVER!!!!
I’m so out of my mind thinking, what if? What happens next?
There’s so much questions hanging at the end of this series, I watched all the alternate endings and versions of this but still, there’s a lot of *what REALLY happens next?* on my mind! {and I’m sure to everyone’s too} I’m really looking forward to this!! Gomen, demo this really psyches me than HSJ WinCon DVD!

This really made my day!!! XD


[credits to]
* RakionRocks96 from YT


~ by loveyamachan on January 23, 2009.

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