Daiki on Horikoshi

Yama-chan and Yuuto will go to Horikoshi too ne~ 😀

Here’s what Dai-chan thinks about his high school:

Arioka Daiki (Trait course)

Coming to school is fun, campus life recommended to juniors. If the high school life is enhanced while keeping the public entertainments, Horikoshi high school is good. It is what I told to junior in agency.
Can they follow the study, won’t they be looked specific at school, there are a lot of juniors who are embracing such anxiety. Actually, I was also so. But, entering Horikoshi high school, the anxiety has blown off. The class is, started from basic, understandably leveling up.When absent for work, classmates will lend the notes. There are friends and teachers whom can consult about study and private, coming to school is an enjoyment.

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* hikaeru from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on January 28, 2009.

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