Matsumura…Houto? Hotou? Hoto?!!

I’m not really that interested with JR ni Q but for some reason, I ended up watching this one. Maybe I was expecting to see Shin-chan or Yuuta demo after watching half of the vid, I was about to close it when something caught my eye….


Okay he’s not that cute in my pic demo he really interests me~!
And if I’m not mistaken when they asked him when he became a JR he answered…yesterday…(?!)

A fresh JR~! Matsumura….Houto? Hotou? Hoto? Juu san-sai~! đŸ˜€
Yokata I finished watching the vid!
I hope to see more of him in Shonen Club!
Maa~ yapari, kare wa kawaii ne~!!

[credits to]
* meshi3bai from YT


~ by loveyamachan on March 5, 2009.

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