SxH: Yama-chan’s Solo Performance

Mecha kakkoi~!!!! 😆
It’s sad that Yuuto was injured so he’s not performing and so it became Yama-chan’s stage. As much as I am excited to hear Ryuutaro sing, I really like him in this one! Sure he’s just backing up Yama-chan along with, not sure but he’s Koki’s younger brother right? I guess.

But Ajia no Yoru’s steps and that black rugged costume, it really suits Ryuutaro’s image!! 😀 The only thing I think that he really needs to improve is eye contact. He should learn it from Yama-chan who really looks to the cam when performing. But Ryuutaro’s growing up~!!! 😆

What I really love in this is okay Yama-chan, Ryuu’s great outfit AND the back ups! Yama-chan and Ryuutaro used to be with Taiga and now although they’re backing up Yama-chan it’s more of becoming a part of the performance~

I can see of course Taiga, Yuuta, Fuma, Nakaken, so Misaki should be there too, Koki’s bro and the other kids that’s always with them but still don’t know their names, they’re like for JUMP now coz the older groups have the older JRs for back ups so I think the bonding with these JRs and JUMP will last long~ n_n

Ooh Casey too~ Shin-chan isn’t tall enough though, hehehe~ 😀
He can’t be with the trainees in red right?
That would be like “demotion”…
Hmm, just looking at all the trainees makes me wonder how they practiced for this…Yama-chan a senpai ne? Teaching them during practice. Hehehe, I wonder how they feel about Ryuu, some of them are older but then Ryuutaro joined when he was just 9 and he survived 3 years and debuted so give him credits for that! 😀

[credits to]
* RyosukeMoonLight from YT


~ by loveyamachan on March 15, 2009.

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