Yuuto’s Injury

Okay I’ve heard this for quite sometime but didn’t really mind it that much coz i thought the *cast* is like temporary. Well apparently I think it’s quite severe and how could I’ve missed it?! In SxH performance of Rescue after days of posting it, I just noticed that Yuuto was sitting on a couch! And he was taken away and never returned for the rest of the performance. The reality of this matter just hit me when Yama-chan performed his solo in SxH. I hope Yuuto heals fats! Spring concert is fast approaching! But he can’t immediately dance I guess esp tap! No wonder he didn’t look good while singing. I really wanna read that interview mentioning his injury….


~ by loveyamachan on March 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Yuuto’s Injury”

  1. now, do you know what happen to him??

  2. not really but maybe during the SUMMARY? I heard a lot of them had some injuries coz it was a first for them do to those stunts…. I heard Yama-chan had an injury too prior to one of their concert tours but had to perform anyway…guess Yuuto’s was just too serious….but he’s fine now~

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