School Kakumei: Cast Revealed

More details here!

Hmm so it’s Yama-chan, Chii and Hikaru…
Nice speakers from JUMP but Chii is more on radio so…
Anyway, Hikaru? He’s good but….
Ryuuatro and Yuuto, doko?!!
I’ll miss them…I hope SxH wasn’t cancelled for this…
Can’t they just continue and air it both instead?
I hope this won’t be boring but then looking on the bright side it’s YamaChii~! 😀
Yama-chan and Chii is really a great pairing!
I hope they can make Chii talk in TV like he does on the radio~! 😀
Hmm, maybe Yuuto really needs a break…to heal?

[credits to]
* smalltownsburns from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on March 19, 2009.

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