HS7 Concert Report!


Aaw~ I really wanna see this one!!
And finally! Suriru 7 version! hahaha! 😆 I’ve alway wanted to see that one!
There’s a couple of new songs and the old songs that I love demo as much as I am happy with YamaChii’s progress, i feel bad for Yuuto, Keito and Ryuutaro…
Ryuutaro is great with dancing but I really wanna hear his voice too like in Secret Code…
Yuuto have such a good voice so maybe some new solos for him?
Keito’s dancing and stage presence have improved but what about the singing? How should I know if the only time I’ve ever heard his voice was during Tokyo Dome while singing Higher which is sometimes drowned by Yuuto and Takaki’s voice….but he looks cool with his guitar so….
Anyway I’m hoping for a dvd! I guess so coz this is 7’s first concert!!

[credits to]
* kamichan


~ by loveyamachan on March 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “HS7 Concert Report!”

  1. Poor Keito~ Poor Ryutaro~
    I want 2 of them singing solo. T T

  2. Yaa..!! I want hear Yuto sings solo!! I want… Hear his voice~ OH NO! Yuto fever again!! Haargh.. *faint*

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