Dakishimete Dakishimete

Now Berryz are also growing up with this new PV~
I think it suits them..changing image when they’ve been in showbiz since they’re kids is a crucial point I think coz some people wants or should I say used to their childish image and are not used to seeing them in a grown up way so I think this vid is a nice one coz they are still cute in a childish way but with their clothes and the pose they make they’re like showing people that they’re growing up… And that they’re doing in gradually and in a nice way not suddenly like some artists do…I hope they continue this from now on~Saki and Chinami are pretty as ever~ they all are [even if I didn’t liked them at first, hehehe]
Gomen, I still like JE more~! It’s just that I can relate when I sing their songs coz I’m a girl too right? Sometimes it’s hard to follow with JE songs coz boys have lower tones than girls unless all boys sings like Chii in On the Wind~! 😆

C-ute has also a new PV as expected, and it has a retro feel if you ask me…but doesn’t both vid have the same feel to it?

Hmm, haven’t read any comments from this videos yet but usually fans tend to compare these two groups like how Madayade is too childish while Forever Love is like Tokaiko 2… Unlike JE fans, it’s different ne~ If you support a JE group you tend to like the other groups too and know them better until it’s like you know the family tree from Senpais to  JRs but in this case….oh well…I just like the songs and some of the girls, I don’t blame Johnny-san for grooming boy idols, I guess it’s less complicated….(?)

[credits to]
* shindy0002 from YT


~ by loveyamachan on March 22, 2009.

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