HS7 Calendar Pics

I got these from LJ…I think…can’t really remember…

Anyway it has a lot of pics from HSJ’s 2009 Calendar but I only took these coz I think they really look good~!

Haha anyway I love 7 tha BEST so….

Well from the oldest to youngest, dozo~

Keito and I will be celebrating our tanjoubi this April Fool’s Day~


Yama-chan turns 16 this May~


Yuuto also 16 this August~


Chii’s sweet and cute 16th on November~


And Ryuutaro is growing up turning 14 this April~


[credits to]
* somebody from LJ I think…(?)


~ by loveyamachan on March 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “HS7 Calendar Pics”

  1. ur birthday on first april??
    wow…well an early happy birthday wish..
    is it ok??
    o tanjoubi omedeto…!

  2. arigatou~ ^0^

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