Atashi to Keito no Otanjoubi~

Komban wa~!

Hai,  kyou wa, atashi no otanjoubi desu~! Keito mo!

Etto…ever since I can remember I celebrate with my cousin coz our birthday is just one night’s sleep apart so this one’s kindah different coz I’m here and he’s back home…And I also have a classmate with the same birthday so every year I call him my twin although we are two years apart by age~! 😀

I had work today. Even though it was really busy , everything is fine, I guess…but then one reason that I really don’t want to be totally happy coz I know that after the happiness there will be tears…I know it’s just a superstition but it always happens to me so I guess it became my instinct that whenever I’m feeling too happy I try to stop myself coz I know what’s coming next…And it also happened today so…there’s really nothing I can do with that…

Hmm, I finished the radio show as I promised to myself and to my FS friends although sadly some of the episodes aren’t done yet… 😦

But aside from that, I think today was good~ A lot of people sent me a birthday msg so I’m really happy that they remembered! It’s also April Fool’s Day you know and I was also looking forward to the HSJ prank like what happened last year but I guess I was too late coz the prank was edited already when I went online…maybe next year! 😛

Anyway to Keito and my twin, Otanjoubi omedetou~!

Daijoubu, even if it’s April Fool’s we’ll stick together, ne~


~ by loveyamachan on April 1, 2009.

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