JUMP Honey Talk~

YamaChii: Love Experience

“Boys can confess, too.” (Chii)
“No way. First of all, Valentines Day for people who doesn’t have anyone crushing on is a rather a sad day.” (Yama-chan)

OkaDaiOtome: Dates on Rides

“I love cars so, I can plan a driving date any day.” (Hika)
“I want a touring date by a motorcycle.” (Dai-chan)
“I’ll do it by bicycle (laughs).” (Keito)

NakaTaka: Cooking

“How many chocolates do you get a year?” (Yuuto)
“About average, just average.” (Takaki)
“How much is just average?” (Yuuto)
“20 to 30…?” (Takaki)
“Wha wha whaaat!? My “average” is 2 or 3! You get 10 times more..” (Yuuto)

YaKeiTaro: Pet Dates

“You could say “I have hamster. Come stop by my house”. Then, when she comes, Ryutaro will be wearing a hamster costume (laughs)” (Inoo-chan)
“Sounds cute but it’s hard to date with Shintaro being there at Ryutaro’s house.” (Yabu)
“Then, do you want to take your girlfriend and your hamster to near by park? But no outing since you’re still in elementary school (laughs). Also say good bye to her by 5 o’clock. ” (Inoo-chan)
“Yes sir (laughs).” (Ryuutaro)
“Ryutaro is still innocent so… (Morimoto looks very happy), he might get too absorbed with the hamster and forget about his girlfriend. Then, his girlfriend will say “hey!” (laughs).” (Yabu)
“I’ll be careful~” (Ryuutaro)

[credits to]
* smalltownsburns from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on April 6, 2009.

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