OkaJima: LoveFriend

How weird can this get?! Yuuto where have you been? You’ve been to London to be with Keito?!

“Who said lame to my Keito! I’ll punish them!” (Yuuto)
“Haha. I feel like Yuto has been always protected me.” (Keito)
“Also I did make a promis,e when (your dad) Kenichi san said “look after him” (laughs).” (Yuuto)

“Oh, Keito~!” a happy reunion. I think this sounds too dramatic but we were in a couple like relationships. Maybe like a boyfriend and girlfriend? (laughs).” (Yuuto)
“Like ones in a long-distance relationship?” (Keito)

Could Keito’s life be any weirder? I mean one day he got up and was sent to England without any idea, then suddenly started training as a JR during summer and winter breaks then fly back to study, then 2 days before going back to England, (say after2 years of training) he just learned that he was about to debut?! I know they kept the members secret but this was way to surprising especially for Keito…Demo Johnny-san’s decisions may be weird but they do work successfully ne~ 😀

Anyway, now I know why The Keito Phenomenon doesn’t work on Yuuto…they’re on the same wavelength! This also gives me a conclusion that Yuuto is really lately hanging out more with Keito than Yama-chan. He also chose to be with the same room as him during tour and well, no YamaJima moments lately….I’ll know more when YamaJima hosting radio show translations are done and now I’m anxious for OkaJima hosting!

Keito: Yuuto acts a little odd when he’s tired (laughs). When I was in the same dressing room as him before, Yuto suddenly woke up from a deep sleep and got up on the bed slanted saying “titanic~”. He dove onto the bed countless of times. Then, he got an oversized pillow and said “why are you so soft” then hugged it!

Yuuto: Gyaaa~~~ That’s a lie!!

Keito: I don’t know if he got tired of doing that by himself but, he pulled me up when I was trying to fake sleep for my life and he started a pillow fight (laughs). When I handed him a game Yuto usually plays, he finally calmed down and set me free (laughs).

Yuuto: … Ahh~ now that I think about it, I think I have a faint memory of that.

Okay, that’s it! YamaJima no more, DaiYama/YamaChii vs OkaJima! Demo it’s great ne? To be close to each members in a different way. Not in terms of depth but more on hmmm…say how they treat each other? Like YamaJima since childhood, DaiYama as growing up, YamaChii on slight, a little, “narcissism?” [gomen but that’s all I can think of when you pair these two! :lol:] and OkaJima’s “growing up with a childhood friend that I haven’t seen for a long time is now in the same group as me and we’re getting closer everyday”…Okay that’s kindah long but, yeah….

[credits to]
* smalltownsburns from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on April 8, 2009.

3 Responses to “OkaJima: LoveFriend”

  1. Okajima is seriously a cute pairing..love their relationship..

  2. huaa..
    i do really like yamajima

  3. i don’t know why, maybe they just grew up! Yama-chan and Yuuto are complete opposites to start with anyway…but I kindah miss Yamajima…

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