HS7 ~Get~

OMG~! 😆 I’ve always known that there’s really something about these kids that made me like them than the older half…Okay Yama-chan primarily and Chii and Yuuto and Ryuutaro now Keito…Okay so I like 5 of them!

This time on Shonen Club again they performed their new song Get! 😀
I love how they all had lines and individual spotlights~
Chii is singing more now, Ryuu and Keito has lines and that dance!
Keito’s backflip is so good! He’s really progressing~

I`m not really surprised why he liked Taguchi…Recently he was always mentioned in HS7 interviews related to billiards! Not to mention he also has a peaceful character…I think he and Keito have a lot of similarities somehow…:D

[credits to]
* ogatayamato from YT


~ by loveyamachan on April 13, 2009.

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