More of Crying Yama-chan~

For Yama-chan’s birthday I wanna post something to congratulate him so I was thinking of what photos to choose from cute and adorable to hot and sexy…but after watching some birthday vids I saw more pics of Yama-chan’s adorable tearful face~


Kawaii ne~
I really wanna see that vid! Anyone?!
Otanjoubi omedetou~


~ by loveyamachan on May 9, 2009.

10 Responses to “More of Crying Yama-chan~”

  1. oh… i will give my heart to him…

    altough he’s crying, but he still look handsome…

    and what about yuto, daiki, and chii…

    they are cry or not?

  2. From the four I think Yama-chan’s the cry baby~
    Not all the time but compared to them…
    Chii would be the last to cry!

  3. why is that chii will be the last to cry? is he more tougher than the others? yeah…yama-chan looks like a cry baby to me too!! but love him anyways…happy belated birthday, yama-chan…happy sweet 16

  4. i also wan to watch this video…post it here if u can find it =)

  5. definitely~! ^0^
    i hope i can find one though…

  6. yup~ chii is not that sensitive and his guard is always up so he’s not prone to showing his emotions…
    but i saw him cry when he was 9, after the movie shoot was over he cried while, I think he was from SMAP senpai was saying bye2….

  7. once i heard that even though chii’s smile is like an angel but on the inside he is tougher than yama-chan and yuto-chan!

    yuto~chan – isteki
    yama~chan – kakkoi
    chii~chan – kawaii
    ryuu~chan – sugoii

  8. haha exactly! like his song wanting to grow taller, it’s cute with an evil side~ ^0^

  9. this the video were yama-chan and yuto-chan cried

    the first to cry was yama chan then yuto-kun then ari-chan the last one was chii-chan

  10. yeah i saw a whole clip but im too lazy to update it! =P
    as long as yama-chan is there im okay! ^0^

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