SK Auditions Update2: Hisashi~!!

Remember my Top 3?

I was really hoping that one of them could make it to the final 4 and with the unofficial poll, Kazuki and Shouta had a nice ranking so I was hoping that either of them have a high chance to make it! I was kindah sad when Hisashi didn’t make it though…

Now here comes School Kakumei 6th episode announcing the final four…and who do I see?! The kids that I like the least! No Kazuki! Not even close, guess Japanese girls like sporty guys…



Hmm, SPORTY GUYS? The reason why I liked this guy despite the fact that he’s not that charming or appealing compared to the other two was because I find him cute while dribbling — yup, Hisashi~! The totally-ignored-in-the-unofficial-poll-Hisashi made it in the final four~!!! XD


And guess who tagged along with him? Shouta~!!! XD


Kyaaa~!!!! XD I was so happy I even forgot that Kazuki wasn’t in it! Hisashi, you surprised me like Ohno and Shouta, with that charming smile and mischievous look you’re looking a lot more like Nino X Chii~! 😉

A lot of people said that Hisashi kindah looks like Yama-chan, same as Yuuta…not exactly alike but in a split second glimpse, there’s some resemblance…hmm, I guess kindah…the chibi Yama-chan~ 😀

Waa~ I’m so happy~!! Compared to the other two, Hisashi and Shouta have a higher chance, if we base it to looks, charm and appeal…Okay more like Shouta have all this but then, we’ll never know…Johnny’s likes surprises and Hisashi in the final four is one happy surprise for me~! XD

I honestly don’t like Samson even with his break dance [and I like the dancer types…] and I remember a boy doing soccer but didn’t really paid attention to him, he doesn’t appeal to me like my Top3 but I know I’ll like Yuuga if he was chosen, his face is kindah Johnny’s? Like when the cam rolls on the JR’s back dancing I can imagine seeing his face there, I guess he’s got a JR’s face~ So I seriously won’t be disliking him if ever, as for Samson… Sorry but I really don’t know how to like him….But then my chance of having my faves chosen increased by 5o%~!!

Haha, Hisashi is kindha shy and did I say I love it when Shouta’s eyes disappears when he smiles? 😆

Omedetou Hisashi-kun, Shouta-kun~!!! XD Gambatte ne~

[credits to]
* daycynry415 from YT


~ by loveyamachan on May 10, 2009.

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