2NE1 Debut Live~!!!


The hottest girls in sneakers!!!!
Can’t imagine other groups to manage that!!! ^0^
Dara was always scrutinized that she doesn’t have it all. She just looks cute and her personality isn’t strong but people knew  how cameras love her and she’s really good in projecting herself!

I though they were kindah out of breath so I though they might be dancing to much but according to some comments, SBS made them perform 6 times and this perf is their 6th! Wow! And they still managed to have that energy?! Hahaha! Aside from that and the mic failures I Love all of them!!! 2NE1 AJA!!!!! XD

[credits to]
* YGladies from YT


~ by loveyamachan on May 18, 2009.

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