HS7: Childhood and Play

YamaChii!! XD Is this the coolest or what?!!


“We (onee-chan & imouto) didn’t get into any sibling fights over the figures (collectibles), but with the *house*, it was pretty vicious. It was a plastic house that was about 3 meters tall, a toy house, and it fit about 3 little kids. We could’ve all fit perfectly and be peaceful, but we all wanted to be in it by ourselves. It was the best time, when I would roll around in there with my futon!” (Yama-chan)

Yama-chan daisuki~ demo…yabai! I’m falling for this guy:
Yuuto~! XD These are the moments that he rises one level from Chii in my who-do-i-like-best-meter!

Although it returns to #1Yama-chan #2Chii #3Yuuto-Ryuutaro ranking after a few hours~ 😛

[credits to]
* itsu_made_mo rom LJ


~ by loveyamachan on May 23, 2009.

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