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“I have a little brother and he’s in Jr. as well. My rival is my brother and he admits that too. He sees the power and we’re rivalries. He asks me “why are you the one holding the mike?” and what not…he tells me these things all the time…” (Ryuutaro)


Uehara: What’s your dream right now?

Morimoto: A singer-song writer. To sing with my own written lyrics. And also provide (the group) with my own songs.

Uehara: Provide them?

Morimoto: If I sing it, they’ll wonder why I’m singing all the time

Uehara: From your brother?

Morimoto: Yes, he does tell me that. I happened to pass by him at home and he called me, so I stopped. Then, he said “do you think it’s all right for you to sing all the time?” so that’s when I thought of providing the song for everyone instead of having me sing them.

Uehara: Do you want to provide them to your little brother?

Morimoto: Nope

Uehara: No? I can sense that.


Uehara: You don’t seem like a 13 year old, Morimoto kun.
Morimoto: I get that a lot.
Uehara: You’re like an adult.
Morimoto: I get that a lot too.

Shin-chan doesn’t like it when Onii-chan is holding the mic while he’s just back dancing and Ryuutaro won’t make a song for Ototo…it happens to everyone~ 😆

I don’t know but it really amuses me when Ryuu-chan and Shin-chan fights~ Hahaha~ everybody adores Shin-chan coz he’s sweet and cute so he’s a bit spoiled and uses it on his advantage while Ryuutaro is rough and doesn’t want to be treated like a baby but somehow his mature thoughts balances his brattiness~

Shin-chan should be happy now that Ryuutaro in not in SC anymore since JUMP graduated, he has the stage and mic all to himself with lots of back dancers~! 😆

[credits to]
* jump_daisuki from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on May 25, 2009.

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