YamaChii in KAT-TUN Dome Concert~

Gonna post the vid anyway but it’s going to be deleted soon so I hope there’s another upload~

Anyway love this pic!!


Love Yama-chan’s new hair! Chii is getting cooler with his fashion!

[credits to]
* ogatayamato from YT

* bianca-chinen from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on May 30, 2009.

7 Responses to “YamaChii in KAT-TUN Dome Concert~”

  1. May I know where I can watch the video? Even though it’s gonna get remove soon?

  2. waaaaaaa…~~
    they are soooo freaking cute…!

  3. YAMA-CHAN’S hair change..kakkoii~!!chinen also looks cool in his clothes..they are the cutest pair~!!!XD

  4. Yup~ YamaChii rules!!! XD

  5. you can try here:

    the user usually deletes it after a few days…

  6. thankk you so much ^.^
    I like Chii’s shirt,yeah,he’s really cool ^.^
    and Yamachan,omg why’re you so hot ?!!! >///////<
    now i know why Chii said Yama's fashionable.

  7. Chii’s fashion team consists of Yama-chan and Keito~
    Yama-chan is one of JUMP’s shopping Kings~!

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