HS7 Rainy Day

Just the thing I need to get over B.I.S!
But this is so awesome I don`t know what to quote!

YamaJima no more:

Q. How many people can you call as your best friend?

A. One! And that’s Dai chan. (Yama-chan)

A. Just one. An English boy, who suddenly appeared at Odaiba concert one day. Maybe it’s not the right way to put it as best friend but I love Keito. His personality is really great and I don’t think there’s anyone who’d talk bad about Keito. (Yuuto)

Crying Yama-chan: I so want to see this one!

Q. How many times did you cry this year?

A. Five times. Latest one was three days ago. My little sister’s dear guinea pig died. She was crying her eyes out …. When I saw that, I just got tears in my eyes too. She loved (the guinea pig) so much that she even brought it to bed with her. I couldn’t do anything for her but I was by her side the whole time.

And they actually answered seriously with the questions!
More girl talk next time please! XD
At least for now we know how many lucky girls were able to charm them! 😀

credits to
* jump_daisuki from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on June 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “HS7 Rainy Day”

  1. what?? nomore yamajima??

    😦 it makes me sad

  2. yeah me too but i kindah enjoy YamaChii right now!

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