Chii meets Ohno again~

Chii meets with Ohno-kun and this time Chii did’t hold back~ ^-^

Chii: I still want to dance for Arashi’s back.

Ohno: Isn’t that impossible? You’re Hey!Say!JUMP now (laughs)

Chii: I want to!! I might also be thinking about wanting to guest appear for “Arashi’s Shukudai kun” When I was doing the drama (Scrap Teacher)…. But, I couldn’t.

Ohno: (laughs)

Chii: I was happy when Ninomiya kun or someone else said “Maybe there’s Hey!Say!JUMP inside” once during the opening when the guest is inside the box (laughs). I wish we were actually in the box…. But I want to be (dance) in the back the most!

Ohno: Like I said, it’s not possible. Wait, does that mean Hey!Say!JUMP will dance for Arashi’s back?

Chii: Just me.

Ohno: …. There are 5 people from Arashi with one in the back? (laughs)

Chii: I can fit in between Tatsumi (Yudai) kun or other M.A.D

Ohno: Ah~ that’s what you mean (laughs).

Chii’s pretty desperate ain’t he? Haha! Maybe Johnny will let you appear in one of Ohno’s solo during an Arashi concert~!
Oh I hope that will happen!! XD

[credits to]
* jump_daisuki from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on June 7, 2009.

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