NYC Boys at JRs Concert Subbed~!

Let’s support the World Volleyball Grand Prix~

NYC at the JR`s concert|

Thank goodness Yama-chan and Chii had already established their position in the heirarchy or if I’m not mistaken Yuma will also take over them but they’re sempais so no can do Yuma, be happy where you are right now…(even if Im not….)

I would love to see Hokku’s face clearly but like Keito and Inoo-chan needs more love in JUMP, so does the *Boys* apparently. YamaChii aside, (they are sempais!)  they’re like elite back ups. They`re the only back ups to debut still…as back ups….
Isn`t it great! No! Id rather wait another year to debut if I can be sure that it would be a proper one (and fair!)

Love the chuu part~

credits to
* sunkids0509 from YT
* RyosukeNYCBoys from YT
* karlita4ever from YT


~ by loveyamachan on June 8, 2009.

11 Responses to “NYC Boys at JRs Concert Subbed~!”

  1. thank you,you’re so fast ^^
    seeing Yamachan in the middle makes me happy
    i’m not interested with Yuma w/ BI Shadow,but i want to see Yamachan so i will keep them under
    btw,Yama looks so hot when he sing Perfume,i love his clothes >.<

  2. he`s always hot!! XD
    you should check out Hokku, he`s my second Yama-chan in the making…
    although for me in JUMP its Ryuutaro…
    but Hokku`s effect on me is like Yama-chan`s when he was chibi…


  3. hmmm,yeah,he’s cute,but to me Yama is the most cute child i’ve seen >///<,he's my angel ^^

  4. another update..kYaa~!!!
    ur a really big help~!
    thank you for this post..haha^^
    my internet connection isnt fast right now..
    that’s why i really w8 for about 30mnts to finish each one vid..haha^^

    i really dont like seeing nakayama yuma w/ yamada >__<

  5. his lucky enough to be w/ yamada..~!>_<

  6. ok i got how 2 do this!!!!
    okay so!!!
    omg i wonder if their gna perform AKUMA NO KOI at the
    summer concert!!!!! i wish they would!!!!!!!!
    i love the chuu part!!! yama-chan so cute!!!!

  7. wow, my pc used to be that slow too and i was thinking then oh this is the fastest it can go…
    it takes me 2 hours just to open my account and surf a few pages and i was contented~ ^-^
    until i realized how fast *fast* can be~

  8. yeah but still the attention is drawn to Yama-chan, like everytime he performs~! XD

  9. finally!
    i hope they will perform. the less i see yuma the better…
    hope i could catch yama-chan’s chuu~!

  10. omg that was awesome!!! again the camera was focused on yamada…again…FOCUS MORE ON CHINEN!!!! yuuma did a good job im proud of him ^^.

  11. hehehe, i really don’t like it when the cam focuses on one person most of the time but if it’s yama-chan, i’m not complaining~ but i would like chii to have more exposure too~

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