NYC Boys (news long ver)

Hahaha~! 😆 Am I that biased?!
When I first heard NYwBIS song, I didn’t like it. I tried hard to like it swear! But I didn’t really liked it! But after watching the song performed by NYC Boys, hahaha with Yama-chan’s voice singing “na na na~” I kindah liked it~! 😆

So that’s it! They only have to add Yama-chan’s voice for me to actually appreciate the song~! XD
But I swear it sounds better with Yama-chan’s and Chii’s voice in it, it’s more balanced to hear!

This vid unfortunately, will only last for about 2-3 days.
If you’ve seen it love how Chii said “Chinen Yuuri desu~ Charm point wa egao desu!” and he gave them a cute smile~ 😀 and Yama-chan’s “nanana” no matter how short that was, it’s actually my fave part in this vid~ 😆
For those who can’t watch the vid anymore…too bad…

Ooh and did I mention, Hokku is getting better~
And Fuma is fighting! Gambarre~!

[credits to]
* ogatayamato from YT
(who for reasons that I don’t know deletes his vids in less than a week after he posted them)


~ by loveyamachan on June 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “NYC Boys (news long ver)”

  1. you’re not the only one xD
    actually,i didn’t like the song when NYwBIS sang,i’m really not interested in them,i saw because i’m just curious…but… yeah,like you,when i saw Yamachan singing,i repeated it many times,and i liked it >.///.///<

  2. Yama-chan effect~! XD

  3. do you notice that Chii often looks at Yamada ? I counted 5 times xD, Why Chinen ? >.<
    and Yamachan's shyly smile after blowing the kiss,oh man i love it,he's so adorable xD

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