Hey!Say!Family: Yama-chan and Imotou~


“When we were younger, we would be mistaken as twins. But I think the other way. Just how does my sister feel since she often gets mistaken as a boy…?”

Is this true?!!!
OMG!!! I’m not crazy!! 😆
I’ve always wondered about their relationship and since Yama-chan always says that they look the same~ I always imagine them mistaken as twins or her borrowing Yama-chan’s clothes that he’d outgrown {especially the cute polo shirts he used to wear in Tantei~!! I *just imagine* okie? :P} Hahahha! I’m not crazy!! I’m just a die hard fan~!! 😆

And is it TOO MUCH to say…?

“YAMA-CHAN KAKKOI~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” XD

He gets hotter every single day!!!
Who agrees?!!! ^0^


Aww~ look at his expression while fondly looking at his *twin sister*… 😀
And did I say how I LOVE HIS HAIR~?! XD

[credits to]
* ryokimayuu from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on June 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Hey!Say!Family: Yama-chan and Imotou~”

  1. i can see he really love his little sister,so sweet >///<,how cute when they're so familiar ^^,he has a friend in his family ^^

    and i agree with you,he gets more and more hotter,he's still a boy,but the hottest,the most sexy boy i've known ^^

  2. i really wanna see her grown uppic, i’ve only seen them in a school opening pic during elementary, i really though she was yama-chan until i noticed she was wearing a dress and the kid beside her was in pants so i guess the other kid was yama-chan~!

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