School Kakumei LS ~Ep12~

Watch Ep12 here!

For some reason the whole episode wasn’t uploaded…
{I guess she was busy uploading Furuhata Chuugakusei…}

BUT the live stage is up! And what can I say?!

Love the song! Love the moves! Love the hair! Love the boy!….

in Summer uniform~!! XD

Okay so I said I love the song.

I was thinking, what’s the title of this again? Maybe it’s one of JUMP’s song from their concert. Maybe the parts that I skipped the video, have to check it again…but then when I read the post…  Akuma na  Koi..!

Nani~?!! It sounds familiar and oh so nice when Yama-chan sang it and it was NYwBIS song that I oh so not-so-liked-the-first-time-I-heard-Yuma-sang-it?!!! O.o

When I heard Yama-chan sang NYC  “na na na na” I loved it despite hating it at first! And said that maybe I’m biased or it just needs Yama-chan’s voice for me to appreciate the song. But now! Am I really biased or it really just needs Yama-chan to sing it for me to actually like the song~?!!! 😆

Either way there’s only one conclusion Yama-chan = Love! That’s why I liked him duh~? Like Midas touch you turn a hateful thing into something wonderful~ I’m really going crazy today! 😆

Oh! And did I say how I love his hair?! Yep I just did!

How about how hot he is?!!! XD

More and more every single day!!!!


[another Yassie LoveYamachan moment~!!! XD]


Hokku~! Niban!!

Fuma~! You’re getting cooler nowadays!

Yuugo…gambatte ne?

[credits to]
* x3koreax3 from YT
* kamichan


~ by loveyamachan on June 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “School Kakumei LS ~Ep12~”

  1. you’re cute,i’m crazy about him,too ^^

    so kawai,so hot,so beautiful…,his sexy movement,his voice,his stare…,i love all of them,i only can notice him,only him >///<

    and,i like summer uniform,i don't know what to say,…it makes him cooler,hotter…or whatever…but i love it ^^

  2. so cute!!! my yama-chan !!! :DD when he sings the song, he sounds like yamapi, seriously. thats what i think. yamada the chibi yamapi? xD

  3. second YamaP~! XD

  4. yama-chan gets better and better in my eyes every day~! ^0^

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