Yama-chan in KAT-TUN Dome Con~!

Remember this?!

Yokata~ I found another one~!!
Yama-chan’s recent-but-most-loved hairstyle debuts at KAT-TUN Dome Con~



“KAKKOI!!!!”  XD

Kame what are you teaching to your kouhai?! 😆





Such a Yama-chan-filled day today~! 😀

[credits to]
* RyosukeYamadas from YT


~ by loveyamachan on June 22, 2009.

10 Responses to “Yama-chan in KAT-TUN Dome Con~!”

  1. thank you,i almost forgot thanks to you ^^

    his hair,his hair~ >.. bad things (lol),i love how Kame hug Yamachan from behind and whisper into his ear ^^,and Yamachii always look cute together ^^

  2. I wonder if Kame had taken him to a drive like he promised? hehehe~ ^-^

  3. i want to say i love his hair but why my com like that? >///<,

  4. does your blog against fire fox?

  5. what? why?

  6. nope, i use fire fox…

  7. i always lost a little part of my comments when i post,i don’t know why >.<

  8. probably the internet connection?

  9. no,the internet was good,but it happened a few times >.<
    i also com at 2 other topics but i can's see them ^^',sorry for disturbing you

  10. it’s okay~

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