NYC and NYwBIS PVs Preview~

Can’t wait for the PV~!!! XD
I’ve been so into Yama-chan and his hair these days so let me say this to Chii: I love your hair~! XD
Wow! Chii looks so mature nowadays ne~
And Hokku~! Hope you’ll have good shots in this PV~!

[More details here.]

Hmmm, is it just me or Yuma looks a but like Keito…?
If he’s at least 50% as angelic as Keito is….I might…like him….?!!
That’s still far from happening as I still hate that NYwBIS name!
Now if Misaki is still there, that wouldn’t be bad for me to accept…

Okay, I’ve just eaten and I’ve restored my right state of mind: Yuma, still don’t like you.

[credits to]
* RyosukeNYCBoys from YT
* kamichan


~ by loveyamachan on June 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “NYC and NYwBIS PVs Preview~”

  1. do you notice Yamachan bit his lip again,when i saw that,i melt… >.<,Yama always beautiful
    and this time Yama look at Chinen,while almost the other times Chii look at him ^.^,so cute~Yamachii

  2. yup~!
    i love that habit of his~
    so cute~ no, so hot!!

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