Hey! Say! JUMP! [July SC1]

July Shonen Club! And it’ll be all about Hey! Say! JUMP~!! 😆
{I hope the vids won’ be deleted!}

Shonen Club opening number!

HSJ and NYwBIS singing Jounetsu JUMP! I can’t help but notice, Keito has the most normal clothes among them. Something you could actually wear outside work. Is it his costume or something happened to it?

Letter reading with Keito, Ryuu and Yuuto!
“Who’s the most yasashii in JUMP?”

Then NYC Boys performs NYC!
Yama-chan, “kiss me baby~”… 😆
It sure will be one of your most popular tag line!

I think this is the first time I see Yuma on SC stage, unless he was a guest before. Hokku gambare! Yuugo seems nervous still but he really improved a lot {hope he didn’t get nightmares, dance teacher is so strict!} but then Fuma and Ken sure are enjoying! 😀

B.I.Shadow  with Rararira or Lalalila~?

I’m happy they got a spotlight! Ken and Fuma are getting better, being sempais to Hokku and Yuugo. Hokku got a small line but I heard his voice clearly! Yuugo work harder! I want more BIS in the future!

But 4 for the dream”“Lucky 4… if NYwBIS is going to be a debut group they will be divided in two, as JUMP is to 7 and BEST, NYwBIS will be Yuma and BIS. Good for the 4 of them but won’t that be lonely for Yuma? If I were him I’d feel like an outcast. He has a group but it seems like he doesn’t belong to it. Oh well, he’s more of an actor anyway.

JUMP Solo Medley~
{try here if vid is deleted}

Yama-chan first did Perfume, he was just 14!
Keito dances very well now and Ryuu is really good in everything almost like Yama-chan’s twin but one thing he needs to learn the most from Yama-chan is eye contact. He’s dancing but his eyes are wandering somewhere… I think the stalker is there? This was filmed a month ago…

Love Chii’s solo and his yellow smiley shirt! He looks better and better as he grows up! Finally Takaki’s fans will be happy as they were all praying for his old hair back, he finally removed his poodle! Yuuto hisashiburi! I heard you became class monitor, omedetou~! 😀 Did you gain weight? Looks good on you!

Hey!Say!BEST! School Days~ Performance

Hey!Say!BEST! wo Abake~!
I’m sure somebody will sub this soon!
But for now a translation here.

Shonen Club Ending

Everybody performs Bouken Rider with very few JRs. I think these were very new trainees that were stationed to remain and backdance here as more able and high ranking JRs are in KAT-TUN’s last day in Dome.

[credits to]
* mist1025 from YT
* kkngmc from YT
* 6-balon from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on July 5, 2009.

4 Responses to “Hey! Say! JUMP! [July SC1]”

  1. Awwww, why did the person deleted those videos? I want to see HEY SAY BEST wo ABAKE DD:

  2. gomen, they’re not my usual source…
    but i heard newshfan is going to sub it so better to wait from the subbed one~

  3. i was looking all around the net the pic of chii were he wears a yellow smiley shirt.. can u send me the pics/.. please please.. i have that but cant find it..T^T

  4. i remember that~
    not sure if i have one though…
    i’ll try to look~

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