Hey! Say! JUMP! [July SC2]



Okay I’ll start with last week’s SC ep!
I really wanna cry right now!! I’m so frustrated!!
I’ve missed A LOT!!!!!

Hey! Say!JUMP Medley

Yama-chan~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
Haven’t seen your bewitching charms in ages!!!!
I wanna snip at least one cool pose but the connection is so slow but then I’m not complaining, this is all I’ve got…

Akuma no Koi by NYwBIS

Gosh I can’t even watch these vids! The connection sucks!!
Hokku I’ll watch you after 1 week!

Endless Dream~!!!!!!!

Yup! I had endless dreams for 1 week with no internet!!!!! My spirit has flown away, even now I’m like dreaming while doing this post not believing I finally got online after days of misery! I’m still in misery, why? Coz I can’t watch the vids clearly!!! But no hazy vids can stop me from seeing how cool Yama-chan’s line was~!!!! XD Chii’s voice is more stable and Yuuto! Kakkoi~!!! ^^ Class monitor! I love the song, but I want a single with JUMP PV!!!!

Yabu x Hika: Star Time (acoustic ver)

Sorry I didn’t bother watching this one, my eyes are hurting! Again, I’m enduring this horrible connection.
I’ll edit again after 1 week!

[credits to]
* kkngmc from YT


~ by loveyamachan on July 17, 2009.

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