NYC Boys Jacket Photoshoot [eng]~!

Finally! I’ve managed to watch it!
Yama-chan kakkoi as ever!!!! XD
Chii is so genki~! But let me just say this: Hokku~!!!!! XD

My fave part is definitely when they were *tickling Yama-chan’s nose* Hokku was like going around in circles behind Yama-chan and Ken is smiling on the corner~! XD I really wanna snip it! Only if that finger wasn’t on Yama-chan’s face!! Hokku is definitely and positively my Niban! I can see the charms and potential! My second Yama-chan!!! XD

Ken is indeed kawaii and I like Fuma’s new hair, he looks more mature~ Yuugo is still new to this but he looks like a positive kid, when the shyness is gone I’m looking forward to what he has to show~

[credits to]
* Tatly23 from YT


~ by loveyamachan on July 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “NYC Boys Jacket Photoshoot [eng]~!”

  1. konichiwa, yassie … I’m a big fan of Yama-chan too~
    gina desu, 15 sai .. I’m an Indonesian
    is it OK if i’ll link your blog??
    anyway .. i couldn’t watch the NYC CD Jacket shooting! the author removed it! i really wanna see it! can you tell me what they did during the shooting?? shumimasen for being so sudden …

    hontouni arigatou~

    yoroshiku onegaishimasu ^^

  2. sure~
    but i just got my internet and it’s so slow…
    im still updating….

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