NYC PV Making [eng]~!

Finally a clear vid with subs~!
YamaChii fans will so gonna love this~

Hokku has potential~
I have yet to find an OTP for you~

Yama-chan’s dancing skills are undoubtedly recognized as the best~! XD I may be exaggerating as a fan but that’s me~
I love Chii’s high kicks! Both of them are really genius with moving their bodies!
And yeah Yama-chan sleeping was the cutest~!! XD
Oooh it’s Ikeda!!

NYC Janken is really funny but BIS fan karaoke is really funny~! πŸ˜†
Ken and Fuma you’re bad influence to the still good boy Yuugo~ πŸ˜† Hokku I don’t think you’re influenced at all, I think you’re the same! πŸ˜† Gosh I’m really looking forward to know B.I.Shadow in the years to come~

But Yama-chan even if you’re gone Nakayama Yuma Yuuri Chinen is still NYC! Ahahahaha~! But then it won’t be NYC at all! Chii will be lonely with out you~

Yama-chan~!! You’re a star!!

[credits to]
* vylanho2003 from YT


~ by loveyamachan on August 1, 2009.

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