Hey! Say! JUMP! [July SC2 eng!]

Yatta subbed!!

Yabu, Hikaru I can relate!!
First I have to know what time I should be waking up and amazingly I wake up easily minutes before that coz I hate the sound of the alarm!! But if I don’t know what time to wake up even if the alarm goes on I won’t wake up at all!! And I’ll have a hard time after that! 😆

Wahahaha! 😆 Yama-chan!
The bettle turned upside down with all your patting!
I can imagine the beetle saying *yamete yo!!* 😆

Finally I watched Endless Dream properly this time~
I love the solo lines esp since most of them got one but it would’ve been better if Ryuu, Inoo and Keito had one too…But love it anyway coz Yuuto is back with the lines, Dai-chan and Chii was *promoted* since Scrap Teacher and Yama-chan is better with his singing ne? Not that he was horrible but as a fan it’s honest to say that as dancing is his strongest skill he’s really not a singer type unlike Yuuto who has a high range. He’s got a uniquely low voice since JR days but it just adds to his sexy image and it keeps getting better so yatta! Anyway I wanna see each JUMP sing solo lines someday!

Haha I saw that episode! Dai-chan had to negotiate to Inoo-chan for like 2o min to go ride it coz they came there to work. He made him feel guilty ne~ I think he joined in at the end and Inoo-chan’s legs were shaking he can barely stand and one of his shoe slipped.

Dai-chan won’t you be my SPF?!! 😆

I hope I can post the first week ep…

[credits to]
* vylanho2003 from YT


~ by loveyamachan on August 1, 2009.

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