Hori Graduation: Ayukawa Taiyou

Hmm, I never really knew about Ya3h then but I’ve been watching Onigokko and old vids lately and I came to like Taiyou’s randomnes and spontaneity…like Aiba~ Too bad he left before I saw him… But he looks good ne? He’s so tall! If he was in JUMP he can stop Yuuto from growing out everyone…I guess? 😆

[credits to]
* tomomipp from YT
* makino0011 from YT


~ by loveyamachan on August 7, 2009.

One Response to “Hori Graduation: Ayukawa Taiyou”

  1. I also just knew abt Taiyou..
    and just in time I fell for him, I searched his info and I found he’s no longer in JE
    I am so sad.. So sad..
    Weird I just knew him for a few days and I almost cry for him..
    As soon as I saw him, I knew hes not so idol or at least I felt that hes different from others but as a fan I hope he can stay to accomplish more.
    Still knowing that he quited to cont his study, nothing can be done..
    And I hope hes doing great..
    Comeback please, only if You can..

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