Hikaru dating a Perfume!

WoW! O.o
I’m not really into rumors (since the chaotic Yama-chan rumor days) but this somewhat caught my attention. I like JUMP and Perfume and it’s so weird to put two together! I heard about Kashiyuka’s rumor and I was thinking “well she’s a uni student now…” then Nocchi’s “ah so she’s also going out” and today it’s A-chan’s turn but I have no idea it would be Hikaru of all people.

“Hikaru is a player with a trail of girls …
as long as the Great Wall of China!”

About the date thing, he wasn’t even in disguise right? So it may be a normal hangout or something but “to lead” makes it different ne? It’s according to a Hikaru fan and fans are aware of the littlest detail of their idol so maybe they really are… I don’t know….

Well Hikaru finally got his rumor! Proof of growing up as fans would say. I can’t imagine Yama-chan’s time. He was 14 then but the forums were flooding with tears…Can you imagine how worse it would get if he was older? Anyway Hikaru is way younger than A-chan, by how many years is that again? Do guys really like dating older girls? Then they end up marrying younger ones coz they marry like in their 30s and unless their GFs are willing to wait that old they end up marrying girls in marrying age [20’s…]. I’m not sure it would work …if ever….

Not a Hikaru fan anyway, I’ll save my tears for Yama-chan’s….
(Although I’m quite ready now to accept that fact…)

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* uwasako from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on August 12, 2009.

16 Responses to “Hikaru dating a Perfume!”

  1. When I first saw that rumour that Hikaru was a player, I started laughing for 2 seconds, then I fake sobbed ='( A~chan and him probably won’t last long. And plus, it was sent in by a stalker fan, and they mistake any girl for someone else.

    Anyways, Hikaru has always been saying how he likes tougher girls, and A~chan… well.. she’s not the brightest bulb on the tree XD But aww, she’s so hilarious. It’s probably a big rumour, and yeah, If Yamachan gets a rumour like this now, it’ll probably start a war or something XD

  2. OMG HIKARU!??! I would have not imagine if he really date A-chan from Perfume! She’s wat 20 years old and he’s 18. O_O I have to say, this rumor may not be true. But Hikaru’s fan who came up with this theory…wow. lol Whoa and if Yama-chan has a rumor like that….(T_T) I don’t know what to say either. lol

  3. Well rumors makes your day sometimes~ ^-^
    But Yama-chan….I’ll know when I get there!

  4. well yeah a-chan is hilarious and not really hikaru’s type of girl…
    with yama-chan i have to see what type of girl he’ll be linked with…
    although a lot of fans doesn’t mind him working with shida…
    i don’t mind either! she’s like every popular actors’ leading lady…
    she’s one of the boys type of girl and she doesn’t act or pretend to be cute so i don’t mind, them linked together that is.
    she’s harmless….so you can spare her right? ^0^
    but if yama-chan’s time comes, invite me to your ballion! XD

  5. If speaking Shida, I think I’m okay with her also. She’s the best female actress and also she’s very cute in her own ways without faking it. ^-^

  6. Yup, I think that Shida’s good with Yama-chan. I mean she’s not completely fake like some other japanese female stars right now… right? As for A~chan, I swear, I think I heard that she doesn’t know what a jet-ski is XD I knew she was ditzy, but…. XD

  7. OMG!!..since horikoshi time of hikaru?.they’re already dating?..what the heck..i never thought she would fit hikaru’s type..she’s so old for him..

  8. i don’t think they were in hori together!
    a-chan is so much older….

  9. yeah she’s really an i-don’t-know type of girl~
    this rumor is really funny!

  10. and now 3 of them are in the same class! XD
    i really miss TGQ~

  11. The one who get admit from me (hey, who am I?! XD) to dating yamachan is Shida!! Yes, I’m agree that she’s not a fake. She’s cute~ and just natural~ I love her smile~ (wait, I’m totally normal)
    … Hikaru, I was something like, ‘Eh?’ when read the rumour, and began felt err.. Broken a bit, (he’s my second ichiban) but I think I can’t be this ‘calm’ when Yuto’s time comes.

  12. haha i just can’t imagine when HS7 time comes! XD
    i think fans will have a more difficult time accepting that!

  13. Shida fits well with Yama-shan if you ask me.

  14. i think she’s widely favored and well liked by lots of people~ so far nobody really hates her by being paired with popular guys…

  15. This site rocks!

  16. thanks~ ^^

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