B.I.S: Bullying Idol Shadow?

Rumors keeps pouring in!
This time with NYwBIS!

M-kun vs T-kun!

I love Hokku~
Actually when he first joined BIS I was worried how he’d go along with the orig members but as I can see he’s got a strong personality. Hokku is a bit stubborn, more like he’s not the introvert type and speaks out his mind, while Yuugo is akward yet has a gentle nature, as far as I can assume, so they really might clash. But they’re kids! They have a lot of time ahead to know each other more…

Demo ne I really though T-kun was (Takahata) Misaki! I remember the day that I snapped at Yuma when I heard about Misaki quitting, but Yuma is now kindah okay. I don’t like him but don’t hate him either. He’s just okay. Like Yabu, Hikaru and Takaki. Not totally into them but not that ignoring either. Yes Yuma I’m not ignoring you anymore.

Anyway I like Hokku and if he’s really a bully well the kid has a strong personality and he’s frustrated when he gets the rehearsals wrong while Yuugo is spontaneous, not trying to be funny but turns out to be funny and sweet that even the famous scary dance teacher ends up smiling and Fuma/Ken once told Hokku he should be more like Yuugo to not take things to seriously. Honestly I like them more after reading the article. Makes me know more about them! KAT-TUN made it even with 5 stubborn guys (Taguchi is just too nice) so one stubborn guy, one sweet and gentle, 2 cheerful yet competitive and one I yet-have-to-know-what-he’s-like, guys in a group just makes it more interesting isn’t it? 😀

[credits to]
* uwasako from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on August 12, 2009.

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