Finally!! YamaChii on VS Arashi!!! XD

Wow! Thanks for the fast uploaders~!! XD
This is raw vid though.
I’ll post again coz I know somebody is really gonna sub this!! XD

Wohoo! Flying Chii~

Were those ladders already there? Coz when in some eps they don’t have it. I was thinking how YamaChii is gonna play considering their height! XD

Aww~ Chii is so happy to play against “Ohno-kun~!”


I wonder what Chii said about Yama-chan….?

Actually I know now!53

Chii looks so dreamy….

But he’s actually wishing for Yama-chan’s win!

Once again Chii proved he’s a genius!

Daisuki desu~!

Yama-chan!! They could’ve won… but then now I understand why Yama-chan is always saying “I might look like this but I’m really an ordinary person!” Haha I think Chii was expecting him to get points! But it’s so nice for them to be in VS, I hope they’ll appear in Shukudai-kun too! Or at least Chii! It will be hilarius with Ohno-kun! 😆

Haha I just noticed!
Kinesthetic genius Ohno VS Chii. Hearthtrobs Jun VS Yama-chan.
Noisy and silly Aiba VS Yama-chan. Sly and naughty Nino VS Chii!
Haha they were paired to sempais with same personality!
Hmm so that means they don’t have a Sho in them? 😆

[credits to]
* loveal91 from YT


~ by loveyamachan on August 15, 2009.

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