f(x) debut stage!

Hmm, since 2NE1’s debut changed and set a new standards for kpop girl groups I’ve been watching a lot of them recently and I find it quite entertaining. I think kpop girl groups are better than jpop coz for one major thing, no frills. I like BK and C-ute songs but I guess I’ve just overgrown them. I guess that’s why it’s hard for girl idols in japan to go into an adult transition coz of their cute little girls image. On kpop they do it way differently. Sure most of them are all cutesy but I like their fashion better. Then 2Ne1 came along and proved that other than looks it should be talent that matters! Not that other groups are talentless it’s just that they made a huge break purely with their strong performances.

And now it’s f(x)’s turn! And honestly I like it better when fans do [f(x) VS 4minute] than [2NE1 VS 4minute/f(x)] coz for one thing, f(x) and 4minute’s image are quite closely similar than that of 2NE1. Sure they wear the same type of clothing but 2NE1 wear door stoppers as heels and light bulbs as earrings. But 4minute uses clothes you can actually wear and f(x) are quite classy. And they’re 5 on 5 whereas 2NE1 has only 4 members. Kpop is just so exciting don’t you think? At least on the girls part coz with the guys Jpop is still my ichiban! We’re talking Johnny’s here! XD

Anyway I’ve said quite enough. Here’s f(x)’s debut with LaCahata.
I still need to see them perform more though but Amber definitely is one of a kind! And yes she’s a girl not a guy!

[credits to]
* SmoothyEco1st from YT


~ by loveyamachan on September 5, 2009.

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